Donald Trump says he’s going to deport up to three million immigrants immediately

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After it appeared he would waffle on many of his primary policy positions, the President-elect still intends to launch ... Continue Reading →

Muslim “refugees” lay on the ground, blocking transportation in protest of Trumps presidency…how would you respond?

The enemedia refuses to cover the invasion — instead, it shills for the enemy invader. And Obama has pledged to bring this war to our shores. “Muslim refugee riots ignored ... Continue Reading →

Dubai ruler, Saudi king and other Arab leaders react to Trump’s victory, as western leaders are left in shock

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz, a key Arab ally of the United States, congratulated Donald Trump on his U.S. presidential election victory, state news agency SPA said ... Continue Reading →

North Korea warns DONALD TRUMP on nuclear weapons: We’re never giving them up

North Korea warns it will never give up nuclear weapons 4 Hours Ago | 00:37 North Korea has issued an ominous warning to the incoming U.S. president, according to South Korean news ... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Supporters Weep Openly As Trump Supporters Chant, “Lock Her Up! (PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton Supporters Weep Openly As Trump Supporters Chant, “Lock Her Up! Donald Trump, a man with no background in politics, who has never held elected office, “has overturned ... Continue Reading →

Just a reminder that this is Donald Trump’s Middle East policy

The world is still reeling from the aftershocks of Donald Trump’s election win. People are attempting to make sense of what Trump’s America will look like, and how the ... Continue Reading →


About the Electors What are the qualifications to be an Elector? The U.S. Constitution contains very few provisions relating to the qualifications of Electors. Article II, section ... Continue Reading →

Will Wole Soyinka cut up his green card?He said he will cut it up if Donald Trump becomes the president!

AFP Mr Soyinka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986 Nigeria’s Nobel Prize laureate Wole Soyinka promised last week that he will cut up his green card if Mr Trump ... Continue Reading →

16 Celebrities Who Will Leave the U.S. if Trump Wins

Getty Images With Election Day polls opening up across the country on Tuesday, some of Hollywood’s most progressive celebrities have got their bags packed just in case Republican ... Continue Reading →

Here’s the mathematical reason why it’s impossible for Donald Trump to win the US election

Not only must Trump win every state that Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W Bush won before him, but he must win states that they were not able to win If Clinton wins all the states ... Continue Reading →