Full List Of Countries Donald Trump Has Banned From Entering The USA – #4, 5 And #6 Are African Nations

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Countries Donald Trump has banned: Barely a week after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United ... Continue Reading →

Stop What You Are Doing Immediately And Call The Doctor If You See This On The Wrist Of Your Hand. The Reason Is Scary

Wrist injuries are very common as we use our hands almost all the time, but some of them might be a sign of another bigger problem. Wrist injuries can occur as a result of inflammation, ... Continue Reading →

Social media wedding takes a turn for the worst,bride gets extremely drunk ends up bonking best man

A wedding has collapsed after less than month following events that transpired on the wedding night. Photos of the After Party leaked on Social media and many were left wondering if ... Continue Reading →

“We want to party too”, All Police Stations to be CLOSED on Christmas and New Year!

Newly appointed police commissioner Lieutenant General Khomotso Phahlane has givengave South African police officers an awesome gift for Christmas and the New Year this year. Lieutenant-General ... Continue Reading →

Customer is left bruised and battered after asking a prostitute if he could pay for se_x with a boiled egg

  Moses Mushonga, 28, approached a prostitute in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe He tried to haggle on the price, offering to pay with his last boiled egg The highly offended hooker proceeded ... Continue Reading →

ISIS behead man for WITCHCRAFT : Barbaric execution for ‘invoking magic’ plunges Middle East further into the Dark Ages

  Elderly man is seen being brutally executed for ‘practicing witchcraft’ Militants took him to area outside city of Raqqa to carry out beheading Crowd gathered to ... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: New  law to tax cheating men

In a move set to shake the foundations of Society to the core,Government has decided to charge cheating men tax. The decision comes as a realization that bed hopping is at all time ... Continue Reading →


‘I’M GONNA FEED YOU TO A SNAKE!’ Horrifying moment South African black man is forced into a COFFIN and threatened with death following row with white ‘land owner’ FARMER ... Continue Reading →

The Rock: ‘I wouldn’t rule out running for U.S. President’-Can you vote for him?

Back in June, 2016 the wrestler-turned-actor revealed that he had been thinking about a career change into the political field. PHOTO: Cover Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson “wouldn’t ... Continue Reading →

Officials FIRED  for racist Facebook post which described Michelle Obama as an ‘Ape in heels’

  Clay County Development Corporation director Pamela Ramsey Taylor described Michelle Obama as an ‘ape’ after Trump was elected She said she was looking forward to ... Continue Reading →