Lung patient can now walk without OXYGEN CYLINDER after Kenyans donated $70,000 towards her treatment

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A lung patient who melted hearts on social media with her struggle to stay alive can now walk without oxygen cylinders ... Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: One year later, the starving child who was left for dead starts school. Incredible transformation!

Hope had been abandoned by his parents, who thought he was a witch, and spent eight months fending for himself on the streets at just two-years-old. People from all over the world ... Continue Reading →

Miracle Baby Wakes From Coma Moments Before Doctors Nearly Turn Off Life Support

It appears that miracles can happen, as a one-year-old comatose baby amazingly woke up shortly before her life support was due to be switched off. Baby Marwa was placed into an induced ... Continue Reading →

Inspiring story! ”I Didn’t Abort Despite The Shame And Side Talks…Look At Us Today!”

Honestly, I don’t know who this is for but someone needs this. I’ll make this as short as I can. I’m a regular blog visitor. My name is Inem and I’d like to encourage someone ... Continue Reading →

Amazing! 65-year-old woman gives birth to quadruplets

They are the babies that propelled their mother into the history books and earned her the scorn of millions.   But three months on since 65-year-old Annegret Raunigk gave birth ... Continue Reading →

Nigeria: Chibok girls in tearful reunion with families

Cries of celebration as released Nigerian girls meet their families after more than two and a half years. Some of the 21 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the armed group Boko Haram ... Continue Reading →

Conjoined twins  successfully separated 

Conjoined twins from Illinois were successfully separated overnight by surgeons in New York. One of the boys came out of surgery early Friday morning, followed by his brother several ... Continue Reading →

Solving This Simple Math Equation May Mean You’re A Genius

#1 Get Ready To Get Stumped This problem has got millions of people stumped. It’s now gone viral. via Source: #2 I ... Continue Reading →

Simple Trick Ensures You’ll Never Have To Worry About Dry, Cracked Feet Ever Again

Do you have dry, itchy feet? Maybe the skin on your feet is red, or rough and flaky, or perhaps your heels have cracks in them? These are all common symptoms of having dry feet. Unlike ... Continue Reading →

Why you should not marry these women: Nurses, Police Women, Lawyers TV Anchors Politicians

When it comes to good wives, there are careers you should not consider marrying women from. There are shocking reasons why police women, TV news anchors, nurses, lawyers and politicians ... Continue Reading →