Customer finds “DEEP FRIED RAT” in his KFC meal

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A resident of Compton, California claims he was served a“Deep Fried Rat”in a meal he purchased from a local Kentucky ... Continue Reading →

You can now know who he’s chatting with in this new WhatsApp feature

My relationship with whatsapp ends here.. You can now know who he’s chatting with in this new WhatsApp feature Activate the new function in your Whatsapp ¡Find out who your ... Continue Reading →

Woman Divorces Husband Over Facebook Relationship Status

A 24 year old woman named ‘Maria Gonzales’ is divorcing her husband because he neglected to change his relationship status to married on Facebook.   Her 25-year-old husband, ... Continue Reading →

Model’s implants explode after bad injections

A woman in an Atlanta suburb is in the hospital today after her rear-end exploded. Doctors say Shantiqua Jones is in stable but serious condition after her buttocks burst. Jones was ... Continue Reading →

Mother Smokes 60 Cigarettes A Day Saying It Will Strengthen Her Baby’s Lungs

A young mother is bragging that she smoked 60 cigarettes a day claiming it was good for her baby and that it would strengthen the baby’s lungs. Shantai Williams gave birth to her ... Continue Reading →

Pastor ‘heals’ HIV and cancer patients by spraying them with insecticide

A pastor nicknamed the ‘Prophet of Doom,  is recently been the center of controversy because of his unorthodox ‘healing’ methods. Lethebo Rabalago, a self-proclaimed prophet, ... Continue Reading →

Julius Malema Slapped President Jacob zuma This Morning In A Meeting

There was drama as usual at the Parliament last night. Whenever there’s an address by the president at the parliament then we already know to expect drama. 45 minutes into the house ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: This make-up transformation is why men have trust issues

This Mind Blowing Makeup Transformation is the Reason Men Have Trust Issues   Continue Reading →

D0ggy Style Causes Cancer & Stroke’—Says Minister of Health

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, has made a shocking discovery after three years of gruelling research! It appears the Minister has found the cure for stroke ... Continue Reading →

Customer is left bruised and battered after asking a prostitute if he could pay for se_x with a boiled egg

  Moses Mushonga, 28, approached a prostitute in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe He tried to haggle on the price, offering to pay with his last boiled egg The highly offended hooker proceeded ... Continue Reading →