China on the spotlight for exporting human meat to African supermarkets

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Chinese officials and meat industry is under heat after reports that the country has been marinating human cadavers, ... Continue Reading →

Newly Discovered Second Century Scroll Claims “Jesus was an Alcoholic”

In one of the earliest testimonies to the historicity of Jesus Christ, archeologists from the University of Tel Aviv have found scrolls dating back 1,800 years in caves never explored ... Continue Reading →

Why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same GREY t-shirts everyday

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked the question: “Hey Mark, why do you wear the same drab grey T-shirt every day?” Zuckerberg is worth $35 billion. BILLION. He could happily ... Continue Reading →

Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire For Molesting and Raping Her 7 Year Old Daughter

When a 40 year-old woman, Tatanysha Hedman found that her husband, Vincent Phillips, molested and raped her daughter, from another man, she took matters into her own hands and set ... Continue Reading →

Doctor Suspended for Calling Michelle Obama “Monkey Face” on Facebook

A doctor has been suspended after she called first lady Michelle Obama “monkey face” on Facebook.   Dr. Michelle Herren, who is an anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical ... Continue Reading →

President Barack Obama’s Secret Son in Virgin Islands ?

A young boy has claimed to be President Obama’s son, he is under investigation and has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. According to reports the boy posted a picture on ... Continue Reading →

Meet Barack Obama’s Chinese look-alike

For the right price in China, you can have the leader of the free world attend your private event. Just don’t expect to understand everything he’s saying. Xiao Jiguo has ... Continue Reading →

Michelle’s V-day Instagram post to Barack Obama is simply PERFECT

Now this is a Valentine’s Day post! Michelle Obama’s Valentine’s Day Instagram to Barack Obama is SO sweet. Plus, it’s from their sexy (and very long) vacation and we just ... Continue Reading →

Woman Makes Over $10,000 A Month By Asking “Boyfriends” For Abortion Money!

A 27-year-old woman was pulled over early morning due to a speeding violation. Natasha Brown, acted in a very suspicious manner officers decided to search her vehicle where they discovered ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The 3 Oldest People In The World Share Their Health Secrets

  109 Year Old Man from America (pictured) – 120 Year Old Man From Russia – and a 121 Year Old Woman from India – All share their health secrets with us: 1st This 121 year ... Continue Reading →