Woman Gets Arrested For Texting Her Ex-Boyfriend More Than 41,000 Times In One Week!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A New Mexico woman was finally arrested this morning by officers of the Albuquerque Police Department in what could ... Continue Reading →

Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire For Molesting and Raping Her 7 Year Old Daughter

When a 40 year-old woman, Tatanysha Hedman found that her husband, Vincent Phillips, molested and raped her daughter, from another man, she took matters into her own hands and set ... Continue Reading →

Woman Runs Over Her Husband after Learning He Voted For Trump

A woman severely injured her husband by hitting him with her SUV, after he confessed that he had voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election. Tina Whitmore, a devoted ... Continue Reading →

Two Year Old Girl Beaten To Death By Mothers Boyfriend, Because She Soiled The Bed

A 20-year-old man named Jamarius Graham was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse in the death of a 2-year-old girl – Aaliyah Lewis. Donisha Barlow is Aaliyah’s mother. ... Continue Reading →

A Gigantic Anaconda Was Found Dead And Something Horrifying Was Found In Its Stomach

By now, you’re probably well aware of the danger that is the anaconda. While most of us will fortunately avoid one-on-one contact with the world’s largest snakes in our ... Continue Reading →

IT DID HAPPEN: The strange case of a 5 year old who gave birth

When Lina Medina was taken by her parents to be examined by doctors in Pisco, Peru they suspected that she was suffering from an abdominal tumour, but what medics discovered continues ... Continue Reading →

Pastor Forces Congregants To Drink Deadly Rattex Poison to Show Their Faith

A South African pastor is causing a stir online for encouraging his congregants to drink deadly rat poison to “show forth their faith.” At a Christian conference held ... Continue Reading →

Man Cuts Off Wife’s Head After DNA Proved 6 Kids are Not His

Karen Rainford , the mother of six who was beheaded in Mountain View was killed by the father of her six younger children. Sources are now saying that the man Rainford told that the ... Continue Reading →

“Marriage Is For Man And Woman” – Queen Elizabeth Rules Out Gay Marriage In UK

Queen Elizabeth II opposed the legalization of same-s3x marriage in England because of her deeply held Christian values, a close friend has reportedly told a London-based newspaper Daily ... Continue Reading →

Queen Elizabeth’s Used Undies Sell For $18,000

TMZ Reorts: Queen Elizabeth‘s dirty, old undies will have a new home … after a mystery panty raider snatched ’em up at an Internet auction for $18k. The knickers had been placed ... Continue Reading →