Things That Will 100% KILL Your Relationship (Unless You Stop NOW)

Let’s be honest … At times, no matter how solid your relationship may be, it will experience challenges.
Disagreements and conflict are simply facts of life, and are certain to arise.
Here are 5 of the most common sources of relationship troubles, so you can identify what is going on and get yourselves back on track.
1. Having expectations of how you should be loved.
There is a natural human desire for love and acceptance. When this desire turns into an expectation, it often leads to disappointment and demands.
Truth is, no one can love you as you want to be loved, because no other person can be you. We each love another person based on how we perceive and understand love. So your partner loves you the best they know how, given their
current understanding and belief about love.
If you have expectations for how you want to be loved and feel frustrated your partner isn’t “getting it,” you are suggesting the person should know you the way you do. This is unrealistic, and a setup for the relationship to remain challenging and unfailing for both of you.
2. Letting your past experiences shape your ongoing beliefs about love.
Both you and your partner come from different life experiences. You didn’t share the same parents, childhood experiences, living space, etc., so it is natural that both of you will have different perspectives and belief systems around the way relationships “should be.”
Based on each of your unique experiences, perspectives and beliefs, you are both right and living your own truth regarding expressing loving and being in relationship.
Somewhere in the middle of both of your perspectives and truths is the actual truth of how the two of you can best give and receive love and be in relationship. To find that mid-point, you must both be willing to accept the other’s point of view and, from there, work at finding common ground.
Relationships becomes more challenging and taxing when we resist and refuse to accept the other’s perspectives and ways.