7 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

  1. Tagging an individual with ‘Just a friend.’
Make sure to watch her expressions while you question her about the new person in her life. If you see unease on her face or if she’s trying not to face you that means something fishy is there.
  1. Doesn’t seem to answer properly in a confrontation.
When you throw questions on her regarding the possibility of cheating, and she insists on keeping silence then you must start thinking about balancing your relationship as any time she may ask you for the breakup.
  1. Common one- hiding cell phone from you.
She hides her cell phone from you; that is just because of this apparent reason, and that is she doesn’t want her romantic messages to get addressed to you anymore.
  1. Not interested in romance anymore.
When she stops hugging you or getting close to you, then probably ‘you-are-being-cheated-on.’ She’s not into you anymore.