5 Reasons Why Fighting is Good for Your Relationship

It helps you correct your flaws
Not only does a fight help correct your own defects, it also helps you point out your partner’s faults and vice-versa, and the cycle of correcting each other and growing as people goes on.
It creates good memories

Wondering how that works, right?Ok, picture this; several years down the line, you and your partner are now closer than ever, and you are at the best place to be in your relationship; but at first, it was not like that.You were always arguing and correcting and ironing out things. Eventually, you get to perfectly understand each other, and then, you can look back at the old days and smile at how far you have come now.

It keeps your ego at a reasonable level
When all is said and done, what matters more than the fight itself is how you resolve it. If you can get off your high-horse, apologies to each other and effectively resolve serious arguments, then you can be sure that you’re in it for the long run and can make this relationship work against all odds.
-Pulse NG