How To Make The First Move in 3 Easy Steps

Leave the ball in his court
It’s been proven that men tend to pick up the lead after initiation has been made.

Once the ice is broken, he will get into the conversation too, and anyone who sees you both will not even be able to guess that you walked up to him and not the other way round.

Who said he is not interested in you too, but was only too shy to make the first move?

So, there’s a big chance that now that the conversation has begun already, there will be no more inhibitions in his mind.

Don’t be surprised that he will even be the one to ask for your phone number.

In conclusion, you should be confident in the fact that most guys will be flattered by your initiation and will most be quite grateful too!

So here’s the deal, when next you see that guy, why not walk up to him and talk to him? You never can tell the good things that might result from that conversation!