REVEALED: What You Dont Know About Skin Bleaching

Have you ever wondered how many black celebrities just turned white over night. The list is endless. Bleaching is definitely not a new thing. We can authoritatively reveal to you the secret behind these celebs new look.
The new bleaching technique is in form of Injection/ Pill. You inject into the blood-stream and then take some pills. Interesting, this injection used for skin lightening, is part of the treatment for HIV and Cancer patients. The injection/pill gives a much brighter, even toned complexion when taken regularly.
Glutathione is a very good anti-oxidant and very effective whitening if you will take it on a greater dosage. It is an anti-oxidant that cleans the liver, takes off free-radicals and helps the brain too. It is safe for everyone. It is given to cancer and HIV patients and in other diseases where glutathione is depleted.
In HIV, glutathione levels are low and this contributes to immune deficiency as the lymphocytes need normal levels of glutathione to function properly. Glutathione is produced by the body and with age, the levels fall. Low levels or the Lack of glutathione leads to liver failure. It also leads to immune system failure and cells die from oxidative stress.