Proven ways to treat and cure annoying mouth odour

6. Cut Down On The Smoke! Do you know that smokers are more likely to get oral infections which in turn case bad breathe? This is in addition to the fact that smoking causes a build-up of plaque on the average smoker’s teeth. Guess what, plaque is an ideal place to harbour odour-causing bacteria. Smoking also dries out the mouth.
7. Visit The Dentist! If you have tried everything possible, including all in this article and your bad breath is still acute, then it might be time to get your mouth cleaned by a dentist. There, apart from getting get tartar removed from the teeth, the dentists can also identify any infected areas that need treatment.
8. Drinking Herbal/Green Tea Won’t Hurt! If you’re serious about combating bad breath, chase your meal with green tea or sip it throughout the day. Green tea helps keep your breath fresh because it has antibacterial compounds that fight the germs in your mouth.