Proven ways to treat and cure annoying mouth odour

3. Avoid Food That Cause Bad Breathe! Some foods like garlic and onions are easily identifiable culprits. Also, also food whose particles are known for sticking around after meals, like meat, should be eaten with caution. These food particles that gather and get stuck between teeth are grounds for reproducing bacteria.
4. Rinse Your Mouth With Plain Water Regularly! Try as much as possible to rinse your mouth with ordinary water as often as possible, after meals inclusive – no matter what you ate, even pap! It helps rebalance your mouth’s pH levels. Allowing food particles to remain in your mouth is one way of inviting bad breathe creating bacteria to settle in.
5. Add Sweet Smelling Fruits To Your Diet! Foods that smell good also make your breath smell good. Your breath will ‘borrow a leaf’ from fruits like banana, watermelons, berries, oranges and other fruits with lots of vitamin C. The bacteria in your mouth are as scared of vitamin C as you are afraid of swallowing poison – it kills them. So the more vitamin C laden foods/fruits you eat the more oral germs you massacre and the better for your breath.