5 steps to get over your ex

Trying hard to get over your ex and still failing to? Check out these six steps that may help you get over your ex.
5. Don’t Talk To Their Friends
You probably became good friends with their friends and you guys started hanging out together. Stop talking To them, the more you talk to them, the more your mind will tell you to ask about your ex and how they’re doing And if they’re seeing anyone now, and it will all end up hurting you and eventually throwing yourself at them again And being hurt again.
4. You CAN’T Be Friends
When I broke up with my ex, we decided to at least stay as friends, BIG MISTAKE! Slowly and surely, we Started talking about our feelings again, and then it went on and ended up being another breakup which Hurt a lot more than the last one. You simply can not be friends with your ex because it wasn’t the relationship You guys were in to begin with, your relationship started with love, and when love is in the mix it just doesn’t Go away no matter how cool you try being with them, you’ll continue feeling stronger for them and it’ll hurt you In the end.
3. No Contact, On Any Level
Keep this in mind, if you contact your ex for any reason you’ll slowly want to talk more to them and you’ll get Interested again. It starts off with a harmless phone call or a text message and it leads to you two talking all Night and saying how much you miss each other. The part where you two broke up and why suddenly vanishes And all you can think of is being with them again. So it’s a HUGE no, don’t ever contact them, have no means To contact them, and if they contact you just simply ignore them because they won’t do it forever. Don’t be Weak and help yourself get through it.