5 foods that can kill you if you eat them before going to bed

Chocolate bar: Chocolate bars are high in sugar and fat, which causes a sugar rush and can keep a person up for a long time. They also contain caffeine that is a known stimulant, which makes a person stay up longer. So, avoid eating a bar of chocolate before bedtime.
Candy: A piece or several pieces of candy is usually an easy dessert substitute before bed. But a study published in The Journal of The Mind and Body, states that seven out of ten people have nightmares after consuming junk food like candy bars because they act like a trigger to create nightmarish brain waves. So, avoid eating candy and other hard boiled sweets before bedtime.
Ice-Cream: Ice-cream may be comfort food, but it can have an adverse effect when consumed just before bed. Ice-cream contains fat, which is not easily digested. It also has a lot of sugar that makes you stay up late. To top it off, there are studies which show that consuming sugary foods before bedtime can cause nightmares and disrupt sleeping patterns