5 foods that can kill you if you eat them before going to bed

Most of us tend to lose sleep over stressful situations, so our last meal of the day, should not be one of the reason for our sleepless nights. What we chose to eat before we go to bed can drastically affect our sleeping patterns. While, there are some foods, which can induce sleep, other foods, particularly junk food or fired food can give us sleepless nights. So if you are looking for a good night’s rest, here are our top 10 foods to avoid before bedtime.
Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant, which causes an effect on the brain, which enables people to stay awake. This effect can last for up to five hours after consumption before its effects wear off. So unless you want a sleepless night, skip that cup of coffee after dinner.
Alcohol: You may think that a few glasses of alcohol will put you to sleep, but the truth is that it will only
make you drowsy or make you pass out. Do not expect to have a good revitalising sleep after consuming alcohol.
Cola: Many people cannot do without their glass of cola after dinner. Colas contain sugar and caffeine and will keep you up. Even if you try to sleep, you may keep waking up to pee as cola contains no nutritional value and is simply flushed out by the body.