4 Signs That Say Someone is Dying to Kiss You

Kissing other parts of your body
For instance, his arm is placed across your shoulder, and he’s occasionally pressing his lips to your cheek, forehead, neck, arm, hands, etc. When a guy or girl does this, they surely will be looking to kiss your lips soon. [Of course, deeply] Wait for it, it’ll happen soon.
Drawing attention to their lips
People do this sometimes without even knowing. They lick their lips, or bite them in a kind of pre-kissing ritual, if you choose to see it that way.
It has been said that if someone keeps putting their fingers near their lips or licking or biting them, it’s because they might be thinking about using them on you.
They stare at your lips
Of course, as they draw attention to their own lips, they are also concentrated on yours, staring ceaselessly at it as you speak.
Don’t be surprised that the babe or guy will not even remember any or many of the things you say, they were not really listening, just imagining kissing your lips would feel like!