4 Signs That Say Someone is Dying to Kiss You

Are they kissing other parts of you already? We reveal the top signs you’ll see when someone is very interested in kissing you.
First kisses are usually awkward moments for many people.
You are wondering if he will allow you kiss him or if he’ll say ‘not yet’ and leave you feeling like a fool.
You really want to kiss her, but you do not know if it is too early and will get her scared away.
Well, no one likes rejection and some people do not even recover from that awkward moment of having their puckered lips waved away, and the embarrassed silence that follows such moments.
However, someone needs to make that move, or both of you will keep dying inside from a desire to lock lips with the other.
Sometimes, people drag their feet when they should be on the move.
Did she say good night after a date, but has refused to take a step away from where she is?
She might want that kiss badly, and is waiting for you to do what she’s feeling shy to do. Please, try lean in for that kiss and set the sparks flying.