BREAKING: New  law to tax cheating men

In a move set to shake the foundations of Society to the core,Government has decided to charge cheating men tax.

The decision comes as a realization that bed hopping is at all time high and Government is losing millions of Rand each year paying Child Support Grants.

Under the new law,married men who cheat will be charged an additional 15% extra-marital tax on their income.

“The fact that you can afford Nyatsis and many girlfriends,shows you have surplus cash,so we decided that extra money can be used to fund government expenditure,” said Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

He added:

“Marriage is no longer a respected union and this law will go a long way in discouraging broken marriages and families.

“If you wife catches you cheating,and provides us with the evidence,Then you will become eligible for the new tax which will be deducted straight from the bank.

The Minister ‘s remarks were met with scorn from many men who threatened the government with legal action if the new bill ever saw the light of day.

More to follow