Lady sets up her boyfriend with a p0rnstar to test his faithfulness and she gets shocked!

A lady who wanted to test her boyfriend’s loyalty decided to set him up with the ultimate honey trap. She sentporn star Valerie White to catch him out and the whole thing was documented on To Catch A Cheater. The unsuspecting guy didn’t give in to Valerie’s overt flirtations and admitted he had a girlfriend but she did succeed in getting his number after he suggested they could hang out.

The story unfolded on YouTube channel ‘To Catch a Cheater’, and it shows how the unidentified man was filmed as he was approached by blonde actress/pornstar, Valerie White.  Valerie was sent to chat up her boyfriend who she’s been dating for a year , and there was a hidden camera set in place to catch the whole scenario.

As she walked up to him to start a conversation, He initially ignores her then walks into a book store  but when he came out of the store she pretended like she had lost her way.

Valerie says she is “lost” and asks for his number, but he replies:

“What do you want my number for?”

He does give her his number but admits he has a girlfriend and suggests

: “We could hang out … the three of us or four of us.”

The pornstar hints at a threesome, he tries to walk away, but she then pleads with him to drive her home before telling him she had nowhere to spend the night.

She asks:

 “Is it cool if I stay with you? Just for the night?”

The man then gets suspicious and asks

“Why are you interested in me?”

She answers:

 “I’m a pornstar and I have this new season coming up and I need to practice. I don’t care that you have a girlfriend.”

She adds:

“It looks big through your pants. Can I touch it?”

Hilariously, he replies: “In front of Barnes and Noble? Naw.”

He then escaped the pornstar….

A bit disappointed in her boyfriend for giving theporn star his number, Karen says she has
“mixed and crazy feelings” about him.

She finally said to organizers of YouTube channel ‘To Catch a Cheater’:

 “OK, OK. I’m not going to break up with him but I don’t like that he got her number and said he would hang out.

She then called her boyfriend and revealed that she had set up the whole meeting process. To her greatest surprise her boyfriend, who was furious at her for testing him publicly  broke up with her on the phone immediately, telling her: “I’m done.”

As she begs him to be understanding, and tells him “I did this for us”, he hangs up.

Shocked at his response she said:

“Are you f***ing kidding me? That’s how he breaks up with me after a f***ing year?”

Watch the video below…