Top Five Reasons to Never Tattoo a Name of a Lover on Your Body

I am sure that you have all seen it before—or that you may even know a person who has had it done—what I am talking about is tattooing the name of an intimate partner on your body. To answer any potential lingering questions: No, I do not and never will, tattoo a name of any person on my body. But there are tons of people that do, and will. According to many tattoo magazines, and some online sources I read, this comes with a very identifiable curse.
That curse being: Generally most relationships end within six months of this process taking place. Sounds a tad bit superstitious right? But look around online, and you will see what I have read, and then you will believe. So I have been intrigued by this cult classic phenomenon and total no-no, enough so to write the top five reasons why one should never tattoo the name of a person you are dating or in a relationship with on your body. They are as follows.
The six month curse. Most people believe that if you tattoo the name of your partner on your body that within half a year you will be broken up. It really does happen quite often. So there is something to this model.
What if you break up later on? Then you have this name of a person—whom you more than likely detest at this point—on your body forever. Do you really want that?
It’s freaky cheesy and overdone. That’s right! Think of something a bit more original for a tat that you plan on having for a lifetime. You may as well go ahead and get a heart with the word ‘Mom’ tatted on your body.
Why not just buy monogrammed jewelry instead? If you are that inclined to have the name brandished on your person, get a monogrammed bracelet or necklace. If you do break up, you can just toss it in the fire and be done with it.
Names look silly on bodies when tatted. They just do. That’s my personal view. But when there are so many other artistic options to choose from, a name seems like the worst option.