SAD!!! Mandoza’s Ghost Haunts His Wife And Kids.

Mandoza’s wife, Mpho Tshabalala has moved out of their Soweto house after claiming she was haunted by Mandoza’s ghost.

Relatives have said a few days after Mandoza was buried, strange things started happening at the house and the final straw was when invisible objects started throwing things around the house. One neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said sometimes Mandoza’s car would just start and rev on its own. “One night, the car started without a key and Nkhalakhata started playing on high volume. The elders had to put snuff on the ground and the car switched off”.

Another rumor also says the light in Mandoza’s bedroom is refusing to turn on even though they have summoned electricians to the house to check out if there is a fault and all three different electrical companies have said there is nothing wrong with it.

Mpho is said to be distraught by the happenings and the family asked popular prophet Mboro to cleanse the house. This did not help as the paranormal activities continue to happen.

In the mean time, Mpho and the kids are said to have moved in with a relative in Sandton.