Luhya Women Make The Best Wives In Kenya…

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Apart from their legendary appetite, Luhya women have been touted as the best wives in the country. The community has well endowed beauties ala Vera Sidika if that’s your preference. They are the true epitome of what African beauty is all about. Here are some pointers that make them stand outLow maintenance
Beauty aside. A lady from Western Kenya will stick with you like a tick through thick and thin. They treat their husbands like kings regardless of the position they hold in the society. That’s why Luhya’s don’t mind living in Kangemi, Kawangware, Kibera, Huruma and other low cost areas. The divorce rate is so low among this community making them the most revered ‘wife material’ in Kenya. It is even whispered that they don’t mind a beating from their men. Such beatings are said to show who is boss in the homestead-that’s an aside.

Although they lack business ingenuity associated with their Central counterparts, they make for that by being hardworking at home to make sure their men are happy. Of course am not talking of Vera Sidika and whatever business she does. 

Family is regarded highly regarded and a Luhya will have no qualms giving you as many kids as you wish. They know how to take care of their kids and have been wired to be good homemakers. But you will have to contend with numerous upcountry inlaws who can spends days on end at your place. And by the way apart from Vera which other prominent Luhya woman do you? That tells you a lot. 

As I have mentioned above it’s a rarity for a Luhya lady to separate from the husband. Incase that happens the lady will leave behind the children with either the husband or the husband family. In most cultures, except in Central Kenya, the children belong to the father. So if you are the type that values children then you should head to Luhyaland. 

Endowed with curvaceous bodies
If you thought Vera Sidika has a killer body then you have never been to Luhyaland. The only difference is that Vera appeared on some raunchy video where she danced suggestively and caught the public attention. Luhya ladies are curvaceous and it doesn’t fade away even in their fifties. 

Good cooks
Coast women have been praised for culinary skills. To some extent that’s true but if you appreciate good healthy food and a fair dose of Ugali then you are reading the right article. These women can cook virtually anything green. Vegetables that you all-along thought were reserved for rabbits. The underside is that saving for them is a foreign concept. They don’t have small sized ‘sufurias’ for ugali. 
Now you know why you should marry in Western..