Boy Attacked by Snake as Photographers Watch. Real or Hoax?

Discovery included the following disclaimer at the beginning of the show:

Note: This article was originally published on August 22, 2012, and was the most popular article here at over the next 18 months. It has also been plagiarized by several other websites that did not feel a need to give us proper credit. In 2016, the photo continues to be circulated on social media, and some readers – even after reading the explanation above – still seem to believe that an actual snake attack occurred.


The image showing a child being attacked by a snake while photographers watch is a disturbing scene. The photo, however, is taken out of context and merely shows a scene being filmed for a dramatization. The Discovery Channel episode in question may be available online, as it was available for instant streaming on Netflix as recently as 2013.

Updated January 7, 2016
Originally published August 2012