Zimbabwe pastor defeats Mugabe in court: calls for more protest

A Zimbabwean pastor who was detained after organising a nationwide strike last week has called on people to keep protesting.

The pastor, the Rev. Evan Mawarire, 39 was arrested on Tuesday and the court charged him inciting public violence.

But on Wednesday morning, prosecutors tried to charge him with attempting to overthrow a constitutionally elected government, a far more serious charge that would have made it more difficult for Mr. Mawarire to be released on bail.

Judge Vakayi Chikwekwe ruled that the move by prosecutors was unconstitutional, explaining that the state “did not inform the accused of the charges he was facing at the time of his arrest.” As Mr. Mawarire was released on a technical matter, he could be arrested again on the same charges.

Speaking to the press after his release, Mawarire said urged people to stay at home as part of a campaign against corruption, economic mismanagement and unemployment.

He said the campaign was serious about wanting change.

The pastor has been at the heart of a social media campaign denouncing the government’s management of the economy.