5 Reasons Why Ladies Do Not Wear Panties


We are used to Kenyan women dressing sexxily (or skimply according to some people). But did you know that down under, most of them are bilaz? If you visit your favorite nighclub, when dancing, it is when you realize that most of the chicks have nothing donw under. Here are the main reasons why the aint covered down there

1. Panty Lines….

1. Panty Lines

This is another reason sighted for ladies not wearing panties.There is nothing embarrassing to a lady than the outline of her privates showing in public. Kenyan girls would rather walk without panties than to have their panty lines showing.

2. Going With Trends

Kenyan are always the first ones to pick on international trend. We are still colonized by the west 3 decades after Independence. When America coughs, Kenyan is the first to catch the flu. So when America decides they don’t need panties anymore, Kenyan women follow without questioning. Everything is Western if you come to think of it, from our names, religion, language.

3. Easy Access When Bonking

There are those women who are always anticipating. They go to clubs for the sole reason of getting a man to satisfy their sexu@l needs. A quickie is made easy if the lass is wearing a short dress with nothing inside. Such ladies would have probably gone more than three rounds before they reach home.