Woman Gives Birth to Twins, Names them Donald and Trump

South Carolinian family made headlines today after giving birth to twins and naming them Donald and Trump.

According to reports, the twins were born this morning at Grand Strand Medical Center, only hours before South Carolina’s Republican voters will show up to the polls across the state to cast ballots in the GOP’s third presidential nominating contest.

“We weren’t planning on naming them after Donald Trump at first, but it is clearly a divine sign that our next president shows up in our state on the day my little sunshines are born” explained Latifa Huxley, proud mother of the two. “Donald Trump is a bright and successful man with strong moral values that represents what America is all about.” she told local reporters, visibly emotional.

Little Donald Huxley and Trump Huxley were born this morning at Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand Medical Center and named after presidential hopeful Donald Trump

The family strongly believe the timing of the South Carolina GOP primary with the birth of their twins is no coincidence.