Immediately Stop Your Children Sitting In This “W” Position!!

This position is when children sit on the floor on their bottom with legs out to the sides in the letter “W”.

When people sit in that “W” position, they put stress not only on their leg muscles, but also on their hips and knees in internal/medial rotation.

Furthermore, this position can cause shortening of leg muscles and loosening of joints. It can lead to abnormalities in bony alignment and gait. Significant issues can arise in balance, coordination, strength, and big gross motor skills. These are skills that require activation of our big muscles.

“W” sitting is a preferred position for your toddler because his hips and knees both allow for this increased joint movement and it is an extremely comfortable position. The key reason why he enjoys this position is because it provides a wide base of support; therefore, he does not have to use his trunk muscles that much to maintain stability in an upright position.