Rihanna To Undergo Plastic Surgery To Reduce Forehead Size

LOS ANGELES – Some say Pop star Rihanna Forehead is just right, some say her “Forehead game too strong”, but Rihanna announced she will undergo plastic surgery on the 28th of next month to “Reduce the size of her Forehead”.

Rihanna has been the center of Internet jokes because of the abnormal size of her forehead and some even saying that her previous song “Diamonds” to have been inspired by her Forehead as the song says:


Rihanna told reporters she initially did not like the idea but soon changed her mind after Rap star Drake allegedly told her during the taping of her “Work” song video “That sh*t too damn big girl, i can see the future through that sh*t”. Large companies like Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s apparently said they would like to advertise on the Pop stars Forehead and will pay her “big money” because “That sh*t can be seen from a mile away”. Rihanna said she was sick of it.

Rihanna’s friends and fans say that was the right choice for her to make.
The surgery will last an estimated 6 hours and will cost about $37,000.
Rihanna told TMZHIPHOP.COM “I will miss my Forehead but as long as Drake is happy, I’ll be happy too”.