Famous Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Tried to Abort Him, But He Survived

“He was an unwanted child,” Dolores told biographer Guillem Balague.

The home abortion procedure didn’t work, and Cristiano’s mother is happy now that it did not, the report states. She gave birth to her son in February 1985.

Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, writing for the Catholic Herald, said Portugal’s pro-life laws saved the star athlete’s life.

“… it was this legal restraint that probably saved Ronaldo’s life,” Lucie-Smith wrote. “Nowadays, a woman in Mrs Ronaldo’s position would perhaps be given a doctor-assisted abortion with no questions asked. Luckily for Ronaldo and football fans the world over, that was not the case in 1984. The implication is clear: restrictive laws with regard to abortion save lives.”