This Is What Will Happen If You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Daily- You Will Be Astonished By The Effect On Your Body!

  1. Weight loss

Eggs and toast have a 50% higher satiety index than regular breakfast cereals. Moreover, a number of studies have shown that if the day is begun with eggs, the satiety in obese people is increased and there is a possibility of weight loss.

  1. Brain health

Choline is a nutrient that encourages and betters brain development in fetuses and newborns. This nutrient is in charge of the improvement of brain and memory function even at old age. Therefore, it is good to consume eggs more often as one egg will provide 28% of a pregnant woman’s choline requirement. Another important aspect is the fact that choline is important during pregnancy and lactation when the reserves are used up. This is a crucial period for the brain development of fetuses and for lifelong memory improvement.