BE WARNED!!9 Things That Can Break a C0ndom During S.ex …Number #6 Is A Must read

Sometimes, c0ndom fail to give the pr0tection they are worn for – mostly due to the fault of the user. Most often than not, it is as a result of improper use (wearing) of the c0ndom,  a c0ndom is 98% effective if used well and 0% effective if wrongly used.

It can be terrifying sometimes to find that the c0ndom you are wearing is broken and your s e’xual safety has been compromised, with possible pr3gnancy and/or s exually transmitted diseases (STDs).

C0ndom bursting, tearing, breaking, ripping can be caused by a number of things,including :


1. Expired/wrongly stored – an expired c0ndom or one that was stored in extreme temperatures, left in wallets and places where pressure is applied to it. It weakens and might tear

2. Air bubble in the c0ndom – if you allow air bubble to remain when wearing the cOndom, you might have a pressure point that will lead to a tear when thrusting

3. Too tight – if the condom is too tight, it could tear during s ex