Gents Only!!! 4 Things Women Won’t Tell You About #$3x But She Want It Bady

While s3x might be a pleasurable and amazing act, most people have their own private personal thoughts about it. Women often think about a lot of things that they are unlikely to tell their partners. They make judgements and notice a lot more than you would expect.


Here are four things she is thinking in the bedroom but will not tell you.

1. She can tell when you’re doing something because you saw it in a p0rno.

Most s3x in p0rn is about what’s good for the camera, not what’s good for the participants in it, especially the women. In fact, many things that look good in T can keep couples from having fun in real-life s3x. For instance, in p0rn the only parts of their bodies the actors often touch are their genitals, so that the camera can get a full view of the action. But in real life, s3x is more of a whole-body experience, and the genital-only thing can feel cold and masturbatory.Of course, she knows that men know this, and most would deny that they’re doing stuff because it looked good in a p0rn and not because it felt good in the moment.  see more on page 2