6 Types Of Kissing Every Lady Wishes To Have In Her Life Time[For Men]


It’s impossible to know whether you’ve received one of these or not, but that doesn’t alter their cuteness. When you’re asleep and a guy plants a k1ss on your head or in your hair, it shows he cares. He didn’t have to perform the gesture, but he did so because he wanted to. He knows that you’re not aware of it, so he’s not doing it to score points with you. He’s genuinely being sweet.



This is another kiss that you’ll see on television or in the movies. TwO PPL will be in the middle of a fight and then they’ll suddenly kiss. Their s3x@l TENSI0N surpasses any argument that they appeared to be having. As long as he doesn’t say anything too mean, there’s no harm in this kind of kiss. Who knows what it could lead to?


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