RISKY; Riding Bicycles Can Pose Some Very Risky Health Facts In The S8xual Life Of A Lady! Thought You Should Know!

If you love riding bikes and you’re a woman, you’re in for some bad news: It could be hurting your s3xual health.

It’s long been known that bike saddles, which put pressure on sensitive areas of the body, can harm the s3xual performance of men , but cycling’s effect on the female anatomy was less well-known.


Until now.

A new study at Yale, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shows that riding bikes decreases women’s sexual sensation.

The theory behind the connection is that riding on a bike saddle places a lot of pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the genital area — and it turns out this happens whether you are man or woman.

The study builds on a 2006 study at Yale that showed, compared to female runners, female cyclists had less genital sensation.