For Lovers!!! The Real Danger Of Making Love In Self-Driving Cars

This is especially troublesome now, during what is referred to by Kirk as “phase one” of driverless car development, when the cars are not fully autonomous and do still require a human. Though the Tesla’s limits are already being pushed by drivers, like the three men who drove a Tesla Model S P85D from California to New York using autopilot 96 percent of the time, the cars are by no means ready for complete control to be handed over to the computer. A driver still needs to be present and attentive, but when two people are alone together and the car appears to be driving itself safely enough, well… “It’s human nature,” Kirk stated. “Once people get really comfortable with the technology and you’ve got two people in close proximity to each other, and one is supposed to be watching what’s happening and being ready to take over the driving if required, but if these people engage in lovemaking, which will happen more than it does now … that does compromise the person’s ability to take over if there’s an emergency and the computer says to take over.”