“We Are Paid Kes 1000 Per Show” Broke Churchill Show Comedian Reveal How Paying Rent Is Such A Headache For Them Despite Their Celebrity Status


All is not well at Churchill Show as some comedians are grumbling about poor pay! Ghafla! had a chat a few of these comedians and their stories are saddening.

Two days ago, YY quit Churchill Show citing a threat to his career as the reason why he decided to give up on the comedy show.

The main issue that is making some humorists feel sick to their stomach is the pay. So how much do they make at Churchill Show?

A Churchill Show comedian (let’s call him X) told Ghafla! They are paid Kes 1,000 per show every Thursday.

The money he says is meant to take care of their welfare that specific day. If the comedian’s act is shown on TV, the humorist gets an extra Kes 10,000.

In short, if a Churchill Show comedian manages to appear on TV four times in a month, he will earn Kes 44,000 by end month. continue reading on page 2