5 Things You Must Do If You Have Unprotected $ex


Unprotected lovemaking puts lovers at health risks due to the prevalence of diseases as a result of infidelity among partners most times.

During the heat of s*xual ecstasy, things can really go fast from foreplay to s*x and partners may not even remember to use condoms.

Unprotected s*x is s*xual int ercourse without the use of a barrier method of contraception. This can be either the male or the female condom. Unprotected s*xual intercourse increases the risk of contacting/ transmitting HIV, STD and unwanted pregnancy.

I have seen a lot of people overwhelmed with anxiety after having unprotected sexual intercourse with some indulging in acts that does not only sound ridiculous but also increases their chance of contacting STD or even affecting their health adversely.  is one of such. Generally, women are discouraged from douching because it alters the normal bacteria flora of the v*gina which keeps it healthy and free from invading pathogens.

If you douche after s*x, it increases the chance of contacting STD and it doesn’t prevent pregnancy and HIV infection. Myths like ingestion of herbal medicines, insertion of caustic soda, ingesting OTCs like ampicillin and aspirin have not been proven scientifically to be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and infection with STD. In this article, we will review on things you must do if you have unprotected s*x.