Shocking: New Male Pregnancy Test Can Inform Men If The Women He Slept with Is Pregnant


A new test by the makers of the First Response pregnancy test, which promises women that they can find out “6 days sooner” than other leading pregnancy tests, has just launched their new product line, the Male-Response pregnancy Test, which can actually tell a man if the woman he slept with has gotten pregnant.


“Our new line of tests is the most advanced in the world,” said company spokeswoman Jeanne Curtis. “Normally, a pregnancy test can only tell a woman if she is pregnant within a day or two of a missed period. We know that’s not good enough for the guy who likes to raw-dog it with a one-night stand. So we invented a new test for men. The man just has to urinate onto the stick first thing in the morning following 5exual interc0urse, and the test will let him know if he did, indeed, ruin his life the previous night.”

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