LADIES; 10 Things Men Do Not Care About During $.3x

S.ex can be quite an anxious time for most of us. I once had a friend who sent her boyfriend home without any action because she wasn’t wearing glamorous underwear. Well truth be told, guys don’t really care about your lingerie as long as the action is good. In fact, here are other things that they genuinely don’t care about (and you shouldn’t too)


1. Any sounds your va.gina may make during intercourse.
Weird se.x noises are totally normal and the only way they’re horrible is when you stop mid-coitus to be like, “Oh, man. That was gross.” No, it wasn’t. What’s gross is having se.x one moment and then not having s.ex the next just because apparently you never shoved your hand in a tube of Gak growing up. This is what happens when you shove something into something tight and wet. Air escapes violently.

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