CONFESSION – Nicki Minaj Opens up about Sleeping With Drake & Lil Wayne, Saying “It Was Just Having Fun”

It’s been an unconfirmed belief within the Hip Hop community that Young Money act Nicki Minaj has had s*xual relations with her fellow label mateDrake and boss Lil’ Wayne. For years, it has been rumoured that Nicki Minaj has had s*x with Lil’ Wayne and Drake especially. Drake and Nicki Minaj have expressed their ‘love’ over the years, and have taken a few cosy pictures together.


Today, the queen of Young Money has released a new song titled ‘Only’ where she addresses the rumours. The song aptly features Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown on the chorus.
Nicki Minaj wastes no time in shutting down the rumours as she says “I never f***ked Wayne, I never f**ked Drake, all my life man f**k sake, If I did I would menage with em and let them eat my a*s like a cupcake” on the opening lines of the song.