7 Things Ladies Do That Are Weird But Really Aren’t


Women are complex creatures and just like the rest of the human species , they tend to do things that are weird from time to time. Some of these weird things might be due to our perception of them but if such are critically examined, chances are we’d realise that they aren’t really what we thought they were at first.

Here are 7 common things women do which we think are weird but they really aren’t.

Being afraid of the hair salon.

The fear of going to the salon didn’t just spring out of nowhere but is as a matter of fact rooted in trauma. The fear of determining what hairstyle to make and if it’s actually suited for their facial structure. The fear that the hairstylist didn’t get the exact style they want and they think the hairstyle isn’t giving them the ideal but makes them look like a scarecrow. This fear seems justified but very little people care.

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