3 Ultimate Tips to Last Longer in Bed and Increase Stamina

Quick-Fix #1 – Use Numbing Condom

best numbing condoms

4 Pros

  1. Immediate effect.
  2. Should add 5-10 minutes to your sex “session”.
  3. Makes you safer from STD´s.
  4. Some brands boost her experience as well.

3 Cons

  1. May cause excessive numbness & problems with erection.
  2. Minimizes pleasure from sex.
  3. Putting on condom reduces spontaneity.

My first and most effective tip would be to use a condom. When you are dealing with a premature ejaculation situation, the fastest way to fix it is to slip on a protection to dull some of the sensationresponsible for triggering your uncontrolled climax!

The most effective ones I can recommend are these:

  • Performax by Durex
  • Performax Intense by Durex
  • Extended Pleasure by Trojan
  • Everlast Intense by LifeStyles

While almost any regular condom will do, there are countless advanced “stamina boosting” versions that are made of heavier and thicker material with numbing creams available for those who are struggling with serious control issues.

My advice: You should try to throw one of these on the next time that you’re getting busy – and see if it has the kind of impact you’re looking for. MOVE TO PAGE 3 BELOW